Strengthening of the test fields for autonomous driving in Bavaria and Lower Saxony

Digitales Testfeld BMVI

As the NDR reports, the State of Lower Saxony wants to build up a test ring for autonomous driving on the highways 2, 7 and 39 in the space between Hanover, Brunswick and Salzgitter. The Federal Ministery of Transport and Digital Infrastructure confirmed this towards NDR 1 Niedersachsen and NDR refers continuing to an interview with Olaf Lies with the HAZ. The city of Brunswick should also belong to the test field where autonomous driving is already tested since 2010 by the German centre of aviation and astronautics (DLR). All together the test ring should be enclose more than 270 kilometres.

Moreover, the Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt, together with the CEOs of division mobility (Siemens AG) and Infineon Technologies AG, signed an innovation contract to the construction of the radar sensors on the digital test field Highway, as the Federal Ministry of Traffic and Digital Infrastructure announces. In future, highly exact real time data are won on A 9 in Bavaria with the most modern technology to traffic flow, traffic density, speed and driving behaviour.


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