Every third German is open for self-propelled cars

autonomous driving
As the industry association BITKOM notifies to 34 percent of Germany can imagen, to use an automatically running vehicle. This emerges from a representative survey of BITKOM association. Regarding age and gender-specific criterias, there are differences when it comes to the acceptance of fully automated vehicles. So mainly young people are open to self-propelled cars: 41 percent of 14- to 29- years-olds. Respondents aged 65 and more, there are 30 percent. Women show  with 37 percent little more openness to the technology than men with 31 percent.
BITKOM General Dr. Bernhard Rohleder says: ” Autonomous vehicles are already in the foreseeable future shape our streetscape and revolutionize the market. Self-propelled cars can reduce the number of accidents significantly, they make driving more comfortable, save time and conserve resources.”