Autonomous driving by 2020 is “too aggressive”, says Thomson Reuters

autonomous driving_3

Automotive World’s recent autonomous car report surmised that 2025 is a more likely period to see fully autonomous vehicles – in some form and in certain markets – hit public roads.

Autonomous driving is stealing the headlines not only within the automotive industry, but also across major news outlets across the world. The prospect of passing over control to a robot is attracting mixed reviews, and many have questioned the viability of such technology coming to market at all. Anthony Trippe, Senior Analyst, IP & Science Business, Thomson Reuters, stated: “The bottom line is essentially that autonomous driving has been around for a while […] It is not a new thing, and Google did not invent it.” He added that established OEMs “are doing quite well” at developing these vehicles, but noted “it does not mean that they cannot learn anything new from these new entrants, although they have the situation pretty well in hand.”


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